Professional post-production on international standards


Mix and master, editing, over-dubs as well as sound design for television and cinema: We provide the proper sound! We will make sound great again!


Our well-versed team implements the mix following your specifications using our premium analog SSL-console or any digital programme – starting at 350.- € per track

Stereo-Mix as .wav-file

Guaranteed communication with our sound engineers

Guaranteed editing within 10 working days

One Revision included

Our experts implement the final master according to your specifications, using our analogue tape machines (Studer A-820 / Telefunken M15A, Dolby SR or SSL mix compression) or any other digital recording solutions – starting at 80.- € per track

Stereo-file as .wav-download

Guaranteed communication with our sound engineers

Guaranteed editing within 5 working days

One Revision included


Even high-quality recordings require a final polish. With voice and vocal recording, wild noise can occur: simple breathing, turning of pages or just rubbing of clothes through movement can cause interference. Our well-trained sound engineers will identify and eliminate them to provide the most natural and pleasant sound experience.


From editing, sound conception or sound design and voice over to the final mix – we give your film and television production the right finish.

Any kind of visual production is finished off with the final cut. But only the right mix, the most natural sound design, music and/or proper voice recordings will complete the total work of art.

Good sound supports the director’s intention in directing the audience’s perception and creating the right emotions. Upon your request we transform the two-dimensional image into Dolby norm 5.1 or 7.1 or any other VR-reference.

For your production, we can refer to our extensive music and sound library contains background music and supporting sounds. Or, if desired, we will compose new music to accentuate the intended mood of your film or television production.